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The Literary London Society
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The Literary London Journal

First published in 2003, The Literary London Journal now has a fully searchable archive of 151 scholarly articles and 126 book reviews, all concerned with London and literature. Articles in the current issue include:

Sean Gaston, An Event Without An Object: The Cock Lane Ghost, London 1762-1763

Andrew Allsworth, Down and Out in Paris and London and Voyage in the Dark: Experiencing the Metropolis and its Margins

Sam Wiseman, Searching for New States of Being: The Cultural Energies and Contested Spaces of Colin MacInnes's London

Niall Martin, Ghost Storage-Between Archive and Ash: The Case of Rachel Lichtenstein and Iain Sinclair's Rodinsky's Room

Reviews include:

Michael Slater on Mary L. Shannon

Andrew Whitehead on Matthew Beaumont

Nicolas Tredell on Vesna Goldsworthy

Annual Conference

The 2016 Literary London conference is on 6-8 July 2016 at the Institute of English Studies in Bloomsbury. The theme is 'London and the Globe'. More information can be found at The Conference Homepage. You will also find an archive of previous conferences, going back to 2002.

  Welcome to the Literary London Society

The Literary London Society was founded in July 2011 to "foster interdisciplinary and historically wide-ranging research into London literature in its historical, social, and cultural contexts, to include all periods and genres of writing and representation about, set in, inspired by, or alluding to central and suburban London and its environs, from the city's roots in pre-Roman times to its imagined futures."

The society grew from the long-standing Literary London annual conference and Literary London Journal, both of which have been important forums for discussion of London literature since the start of the twenty-first century. The Society continues to publish the fully peer-reviewed open-access Literary London Journal, and organises an annual conference, normally hosted by the Institute of English Studies at the University of London.

As the society grows, we intend to support an increasingly wide range of activities, details of which will appear on this website. For more information on our current activities, please follow the links on this page, or take a look at the Twitterboard.

Joining the society confers a number of benefits, including the opportunity to present a paper at the annual conference, and a newsletter with regular updates about relevent events and publications. Joining also helps us to ensure that the Literary London Journal remains freely available into the future.

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